cartier fashion house and made clothes and accessories design

Under the helm of Tom and Ford, Gucci has maintained its luxurious nature and won the unique label of “personality”, which is suitable for the social trend and the enmity of the family’s resentment. Because of this, Gucci’s top executives even believe that Gucci started from 199, which can be called the “Tom Ford era”.

From 1994 to 2004 to leave, 10 years, Tom – Ford – hand Gucci from the brink of the brink of a super brand, he also in the fashion world so famous, between the two, it is difficult to say who achieved who. After Tom Ford left, Gucci entered a new era.


200 in March, Gucci officially announced the appointment of Freda Giannini as the design director of women’s garments, and at the same time manages the accessories product line. Freda Giannini was a strong woman with a good appearance. After graduating from the Rome Institute of design, she entered the cartier fashion house and made clothes and accessories design. Her handbag made Tom and Ford admirable. So Tom and Ford met with her and told her that each of her girlfriends had a cartier handbag. cartier Giannini came to Gucci and took over the huge fashion empire.

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