Gucci has once again become one of the most popular fashion brands

The first difficulty of Tom Ford is how to make Gucci refreshing. Like most traditional luxury brand designers, he believes that the first thing to do is to modernize the brand image and face the public in a mixed image. The design style of Tom Ford, growing up in the United States, has distinct American characteristics, a simple, sharp and sexy, which is undoubtedly a breeze for the European fashion world advocating the complex modeling, and is more in line with the aesthetic requirements of the modern youth. 199 March, Milan fashion week, Milan fashion week, Tom Ford design of a deep blue velvet tight straight pants with a country green satin shirt, plus apple green horse sea coat suit, a cold and charming style highly praised by the fashion world, the silk shirt was recognized by famous singer Madonna, and dressed it on MTV music. The prizes are the podium. From then on, Madonna became a fan of Ford Tom. Under her leadership, Gucci’s fashion show began to fill celebrities in Europe and the United States.


Well versed in marketing, Tom Ford immediately grabbed this opportunity. He took the hot iron and invested 28 million dollars in advertising to occupy the market. At this point, Gucci was successful in his porch. It has been described that in New York, Paris, Tokyo and other world metropolis shops, the price is 3000; the Gucci bag and backpack are sold as well as bread. Gucci has once again become one of the most popular fashion brands.

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