A mythical story about the origin of the ring

A mythical story about the origin of the ring. Rings are common decorations for people. Modern people are more and more fond of wearing a ring, couples will wear a couple ring, singles will wear their own single ring, and others will wear decorative flower rings. There is a magical mythical story about the origin of the ring. Below, the original ecological Xiaobian will tell you this myth. In Greek mythology, the god of the Titans, Prometheus, implies ‘the vision of the foresight.’ He is a very kind god and teaches a lot of knowledge to mankind. The god Zeus is not allowed to use fire, and the good Prometheus secretly steals the fire to humans. Zeus was furious and locked Prometheus on the cliffs of the Caucasus Mountains. Prometheus was fed by a vulture every day. The next day, the liver re-grows out and continues to be foraged, day after day, Year after year. It’s been like this for many years. One day, a warrior Hercules looking for a golden apple came to the cliff of the Caucasus Mountains Replica Cartier Love Bracelet. He shot the vicious vulture, saved Prometheus, and let the half-man’s horse instead of Prometheus stay on the cliff. Although Prometheus was saved, he always wore a hoop on his finger with a rock of the Caucasus Mountains, symbolizing that he was imprisoned by Zeus. Is this story very painful to Prometheus? Now the ring is no longer a symbol of imprisonment Replica Bulgari B.zero1 Rings, it symbolizes a beautiful love.

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